The MBA Advantage: Accelerating Career Growth in Private Equity & Product Management

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What to expect:

Join us for an enriching webinar where we discover how pursuing an MBA can serve as a transformative catalyst for propelling your career forward in the dynamic domains of Private Equity and Product Management.


  • Overview of MBA Programs: Structure and benefits of MBA programs for private equity and product management careers
  • Choosing the Right MBA Program: Selecting MBA programs tailored to private equity or product management aspirations.
  • Insider Insights: Get Exclusive Insights from MBA grads excelling in private equity and product management roles.
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Know Our Speakers



Carlos is an MBA graduate at London Business School and NYU Stern, and a CFA charterholder. With a diverse background in private credit and investment banking and having lived in 4 countries including the UK, the USA, Spain, and Sweden, Carlos has a unique global perspective, enabling him to have a deeper understanding of each candidate’s strengths and needs. 



Shantanu, the founder of MBA and Beyond, is an INSEAD MBA graduate. With more than 8 years of experience, Shantanu has worked across the globe as a Procurement Manager, Product Manager, Growth Consultant, eventually unravelling his love for helping candidates with their MBA application as a Coach.



Success Stories

Networking opportunities: A strong MBA program for private equity and venture capital careers offers networking with industry partners as speakers, emphasizes internships and job placements in these fields, and showcases high employment rates in private equity. 

Find courses on how to expand your business successfully: A school should be shortlisted for a Private equity MBA program based on its curriculum focus areas and skills it can instill.