Breaking Barriers & Proudly Empowering LGBTQ+ Leaders: Celebrate Pride Month with Free ROMBA Scholarship Assistance!

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What to expect:

  • Navigating the MBA Admissions Process as an LGBTQ+ Applicant: Insights and Guidance
  • Crafting a Compelling MBA Application: Showcasing Your LGBTQ+ Leadership and Experiences
  • Making the Most of Your MBA Experience: Building a Diverse and inclusive community.
  • Building a Strong LGBTQ+ Network: Connect with LGBTQ+ alums and students at MBA programs.
  • Funding Your MBA:  Insights into the ROMBA Scholarship and other scholarship opportunities for LGBTQ+ applicants.
  • Launching Your Post-MBA Career: Career Opportunities and Outcomes as an LGBTQ+ Leader
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Know Our Speakers

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Dr. Vinita Singh,

A Senior Consultant with 15+ years of experience. She started her journey in MBA Admissions Consulting in 2008. She has been in the education industry for more than 3 decades! 

Elana Guerra,

A consultant with a background in Strategic Consulting, College & Career Advising. A Certified Educational Planner, serving as an MBA coach with 10+ Years of Experience.


Founder & CEO of MBA and Beyond. An INSEAD graduate, an entrepreneur, fintech enthusiast who worked across the globe as a Procurement Manager, Product Manager, and Growth Consultant.
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Josh Buttenhoff

A Booth (MBA / MS Computer Science)&LBS (MIM) grad! Josh now works as a tech investor, having started his career in Dubai & Singapore, he is also a Co-Chair of Booth's Investment Management Club.



Success Stories


Blog Resources: How to bring collinearity to your post-MBA goals?


Every school’s way of judging the personality of an applicant is different but the approach is similar that is the essays. One of the common essays they pose is Post MBA Goals.

Adcoms want to see the career goals after MBA that you've set for yourself. The vision of post-MBA goals might shift, but you must be the type of person who has a picture of career goals after an MBA in the first place- how will you prove your contribution to the MBA community? How do you demonstrate that you are employable? How do you distinguish yourself?

Basically, your overall objective should be to express your uniqueness and authenticity to readers. The goal is how creatively you can express your career goals for MBA with logic. You must go beyond just stating the position you want to achieve.

Read this to understand how to address your concerns regarding bringing collinearity to your post-MBA goals.