Get Accepted to Top MBA Programs with a Low GMAT/GRE

Welcome to Coffee, a webinar at MBA&Beyond, where we will discuss the importance of a GMAT/GRE Score in MBA Applications. Join us to get first-hand insights directly from our successful applicants who made it to Cambridge Judge & Rice Jones with a Low GRE score and GMAT waiver.  

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📅 May 30, 2024

🕘 11.30 AM ET | 9.00 PM IST

What you can expect from the Session:

  • Understanding the impact of a GMAT/GRE score on your MBA Application.
  • Showcasing your strengths beyond test scores.
  • Building a narrative that addresses a Low GMAT/GRE score impactfully.
  • Process & Eligibility for GMAT Waiver
  • Enhancing other aspects of your application (Essays, LORs)
  • Q&A with the successful applicants


What do you get at the end of the session?

  • Get a sample optional essay to explain your Low GMAT
    Please note: Resources will be exclusively available to attendees.

Our Speakers

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Anirukta Srivastava

Got into Cambridge Judge with 325 GRE & Scholarship


Asset 1-May-11-2024-05-19-48-8449-AM

Pooja Singh

Got into Rice Jones and Johns Hopkins with GMAT waiver and huge scholarship

Why join our webinar?

You don't need a high GMAT score to secure your spot at your dream business school. In fact, your GMAT/GRE score only accounts for 25% of your entire application. Discover the remaining 75% by joining our webinar, where our successful applicants share how they made it to their dream programs with a Low GRE or GMAT waiver. Your future shouldn't be determined by a single score when the power lies in your hands. Reserve your spot now and take the first step toward achieving your MBA goals!

Reserve your spot now and take the first step toward achieving your MBA aspirations!

Success Stories

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lbs - shweta
ROSS - Palkin
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Applying to an elite business school in 2024? If so, understanding the average GMAT scores demanded by the top MBA programs in the United States, Europe, and Canada, is imperative. The GMAT, a standardized test used worldwide, serves as a significant benchmark for candidates. 

An awareness of the average GMAT score by school can help aspiring MBA students gauge the level of preparation needed and the competitiveness of their chosen programs. This article aims to enlighten prospective students about the GMAT score range for some of the most prestigious business schools in the world. Knowing the highest GMAT score averages will enable you to set appropriate targets, develop a tailored test strategy, and optimize your 2024 MBA application.