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What to expect:

Are you ready to embark on a transformative MBA journey at INSEAD? Look no further! Our exclusive webinar for the September Intake is designed to equip you with everything you need to crack the code to INSEAD MBA success.


  • INSEAD MBA Admissions Process Unraveled: From Application to Acceptance.
  • Building a Stellar Resume: Telling Your Unique Story and Showcasing Your Achievements & Leadership.
  • Navigating the INSEAD Interview: Proven Strategies for Success.
  • Financing Your INSEAD MBA: Scholarships, Loans, and Financial Aid Opportunities.
  • Life at INSEAD: Preparing for the Journey and Beyond.
  • Q&A with INSEAD Alumni and Current Students: Insights from the Inside.
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Know Our Speakers



Meet Vidit Aneja, an INSEAD MBA graduate with seven years of diverse experience in start-ups, public policy, and infrastructure investments. As an expert MBA coach, Vidit provides honest and detailed guidance to help candidates craft compelling narratives and excel in the application process.



Meet Kaustubh, an INSEAD Alum and Senior Product Manager at Amazon. Before pursuing his MBA, he had a vast experience in fintech and e-commerce scaleups, excelling in various product, strategy, and analytics roles. Don't miss his valuable insights in our exclusive webinar!



Success Stories

Blog Resources: How to get into INSEAD?

INSEAD MBA program is one of the most prestigious MBA programs in the world. The reason is its success rate, the program's short duration, and record-breaking placements in the leading sectors.

Hence, getting into the INSEAD MBA program takes a lot of effort and an excellent understanding of this top-notch school and its culture. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what INSEAD MBA requirements are and how you should craft your Insead MBA application essays to mark the adcoms.

This article will help you know how to get into the INSEAD MBA program. You will also get to see if you have the qualities that fulfill the INSEAD MBA requirements and how you can stand out from the over-represented MBA applicant pool applying to the INSEAD mba program.