Early Action & Round 1 Advantage: Maximize Admissions and Scholarships for Sep '24 Intake!

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What to expect:

Our two consultants, who are themselves MBA candidates at Columbia, and the other has separate MBA degrees from Columbia University and London Business School will help you take close towards your MBA Admission by discussing upon the following Agenda:-

  • Understanding Early Action and Round 1 Deadlines: What You Need to Know.
  • The Importance of Early Action: Strategies to Boost Your Chances of Admission.
  • Crafting a Standout Round 1 Application: Tips for Impressive Essays and Resumes
  • Tackling the GMAT/GRE: Effective Test Prep Strategies for Early Action.
  • Researching MBA Programs: Finding the Best Fit for You. 
  • Strategies for Building a Strong MBA Application: Crafting a Compelling Story.
  • Early Action vs. Regular Decision: Pros and Cons for MBA Applicants.
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Know Our Speakers



Meet Guillermo, an MBA candidate at Columbia University with an unwavering passion for storytelling. Guillermo has honed his skills in crafting impactful narratives for consulting clients over the past two years. He offers invaluable insights and coaching, drawing from his own MBA application experiences and guiding colleagues to success at top schools. 



Prepare to be inspired by Shahrukh, who has dual MBA degrees from Columbia University and LBS. With a decade of admissions consulting expertise, he paves the way for students to secure spots in prestigious institutions worldwide. His storytelling prowess and strategic leadership experience add depth to his insights.



Success Stories

Top B-Schools opt for different methods for admission processes, and can often be a very confusing and demanding space. Beyond the regular admissions process, also known as the rolling admission process, where your application is evaluated when it arrives and not at a scheduled date earlier, there are two increasingly popular options to consider,

- Early action round and 
- Early decision round 

This article discusses early action and how it can be beneficial for candidates, how to navigate these routes, how these terms are used, the exact different ways to get your application evaluated, and other aspects of early action rounds!